Psilocybe Dutchii

Prijs: 16,95

Psilocybe Dutchii Magic Truffels


Hoeveelheid: 15 gram

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Psilocybe Dutchii Magic Truffels


If you are looking for the best and strongest truffle available, look no further! We got it, the Dutchii has landed and is now available in our store. 
Done with the regulars like Mexicana, Tampanensis or Atlantis? Then try the Dutchii. The Dutchii is for more experienced uses who seek for longer and intenser trips. Higher visuals, long time body high. The reason for being stronger is the longer growing time, which is almost double to that of our regular truffles. 
In our advanced laboratory we keep searching for new ways to grow high quality truffles to make sure our customer get what they pay for. One of the results of this intensive research is now for sale: the DUTCHII. 
We are proud of this baby, but we have to say: Handle with care! This wild dutchii can only be tamed by experienced psychonauts with plenty of flying hours behind them. It will make your trip intense, with incredible visual effects, resulting in an unforgettable journey.


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