Pure CBD Oil from cannabis 

Cannabidiol, which is derived from the cannabis plant, is frequently used because of the amazing and powerful features. Most CBD products are mixed with a variety of other natural products, such as olive oil, sunflower oil or grape seed oil. 

Pure cannabidiol-rich hemp oil 

In our health shop, you can also buy pure hemp oil with very high concentrations of CBD. This concentrated oil, that comes in convenient syringes, are available both filtered and unfiltered. The unfiltered CBD oil consists of a thicker, gel-like substance and has a more dark colour. 

Highest concentration of CBD 

Of all CBD products pure oil contains the highest levels of cannabidiol on the market. The syringes are easy-to-dose under the tongue, but of course you can mix it with food or drink to mask the taste.

Order pure CBD oil online or buy in our store in Rotterdam (nearby Amsterdam) 

In addition to ordering CBD products online, the entire cannabidiol and hemp health range is also for sale in our shop in Rotterdam. The store is also very easily and quickly accessible by car or public transport from Amsterdam or Antwerp (Belgium).


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