Glazen Olie Bong Blaze

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Glazen Olie Bong Blaze 4mm


Hoogte: 39,5cm


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Glazen Olie Bong Blaze (4mm) 39,5cm ~ This 'Blaze Glass' bong is very special, thanks to its hash oil adapter which makes, not only weed smoking, but also to cannabis oil smoking is possible. 


It has an oil nail made?of heat-proof borosilicate (Pyrex) glass and a removable dome. The smoke travels down through the 3 leg blue diffuser and then pulled through into the outer chamber before being pulled down again and through the blue disk diffuser in the bottom of the water chamber and then rising out the mouth-piece. Pure oil vapour heaven...


Info: This Bong can not be combined with a regular adapter or bong bowl!
This is a pure 'Oil Vapour Bong'


Product Details
- Colour: blue & clear
- Brand & Logo: 'Blaze Glass' emblazoned in silver
- Height: 395mm
- Diameter: Ø 50/25mm
- Sure Ground: SG 19 (18.8mm) Bong Outlet & Oil Dome
- Wall Thickness: 4mm


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